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You have not come to this website accidentally. You have come to this website because the Universe intended so. The Universe of which you and me are a part of, causes such coincidences to occur. Your need has coincided with what this website is providing to you.

Nadichikitsa is a combination of two words. Nadi means channels that help energy flow and Chikitsa meaning therapy or therapeutic intervention.

This website describes the essential and rare diagnostic practice of Nadi Pariksha and the various elements that have to be employed as Chikitsa or therapy to help us get back to a state of well-being. Nadi Pariksha helps diagnose health of our physiological, pshychological, emotional body as well as meta-physical states. These bodies together play a vital role in helping us transcend the limitations of the physical world and rise to merge with our Higher Self.

Welcome to this domain of your Higher Self. We pray that all those who visit this website is healed, may they fill their hearts with love and light and may their Soul vibration be raised to that of the Source vibration.

Nadi Pariksha

Nadi Pariksha is an Ayurvedic process of diagnosing health of the various channels in your physical, ethereal and mental body. Now you too can learn Nadi Pariksha, one of 8 forms of Ayurvedic diagnosis. This workshop is designed to help you learn and practice.

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Our services include diagnosis through Nadi Pariksha and treatment through herbal remedies, psychological, emotional and spiritual healing processes like Free Form Writing, Practicing Gratitude, Practicing Forgiveness, Practicing Self Love, Communicating with your Devas, Self Regression Therapy, Timeline Healing, Spiritual Detoxification and many more.

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Our Services

Nadi Pariksha

Nadi Pariksha is an Ayurvedic process of diagnosing health of the various channels in your physical, ethereal and mental body. Through such diagnosis, we can find the root cause of every condition a person is ailing from.

Free Form Writing

Letting go of anger, sorrow and grief stored from past experiences is a must to maintain a healthy emotional body. Free Form Writing is a technique through which you can accomplish this task and work towards releasing stored emotions.

Practicing Gratitude

Gratitude is the lifeline to sound physical, emotional and mental health. The practice of gratitude helps us identify the happiness, love, joy and bliss we are surrounded at all times and this changes our perspective of life itself. Illness can be healed with the aid of this practice.

Self Regression Therapy

Our life’s experiences happen so we can learn from them. However, when we experience situations, we forget to learn causing us to repeat these experiences several times. We can still learn from these experiences and free ourselves.


  • I thank Mahesh for getting me in touch with the truth back. During the interaction I found that how much mental blockages we harbor. These blockages manifest as different emotional disturbances and physical diseases. When these mental blockages are recognized and we identify the self as not-mind, then one is welcomed to the world of Truth, Certitude and Joy. Antar-mouna helped me with that. The guidance in the devas session, relieving of negative emotions in time-line healing made my personality clear and lightful... Read more...


  • Mahesh was absolutely spot on in his diagnosis of "insecurity" being the emotion in my life left to be healed when he did the "TIMELINE HEALING" on me,subsequently after he healed me I am now feeling completely grounded, secure, confident and very light, besides this Mahesh introduced me to the world of NADI PARIKSHA,YOGIC EXERCISES AND HERBEL REMEDIES I think it was pure genius as to how he can just by feeling the pulse tell u how your organs are functioning, what diet, specific yogic exercises and herbal remedies... Read more...

    SUNDEEP, Hospital Administrator

  • Dear Mahesh, I thank u for ur help. As instructed by u today morning I told my prayer "I intend to experience gratitude" Then I did my meditation for 25 mts. The first news I heard from my son in law (daughter's husband) that he will be shifting his job from Satyam to Infosys he has got all the papers signed. I am happy, I want to share my happiness with u.... Read more...

    LEELA NARAYANAN, Retired Insurance Officer